Monday, October 16, 2006

Outta Here!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I've packed my earplugs for sleeping with The Snoring One, and my dependable Israeli clogs (Naots) for endurance-siteseeing.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Got my handwork (Ella's smocked dress) and my reading material (Comfort Me With Apples, a memoir by Ruth Reichl, LA Times and New York Times food critic, editor of Gourmet magazine) to while away the car ride and to defend myself against the Harrah's hotel room telly.

I guess I'm outta here! The Grumpy Old Man and I are hitting the highway this evening for Metropolis, Illinois (for him), and Paducah, Kentucky (for me). Metropolis is only 5 miles or so up the road from Paducah, and he will squander time and $ at the blackjack tables. I'm going to the AQS Museum to see the Marston & Moran exhibit (because I'm a huge Freddy

fan) Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting and the Fons & Porter exhibit (just because it might be fun to see in person the quilts I see them make on their PBS show "Love of Quilting"). Unless it's still traveling, I may get another chance to see the Oh, WOW! Exhibit of Miniatures, featuring Teri's amazing pineapple that I saw at the Nashville show in August. I don't think I'll get to see the Alzheimer's exhibit again, as it's been in California, but maybe I can pick up a CD of the collection, which was sold out at the Nashville show. If all day Wednesday doesn't do it justice, I'll go back on Thursday.

I have a shopping list all made out for
Hancock's of Paducah. (Can I pick up anything for you?) And I hope to look through antiques shops and the like for a jumpstart on Christmas presents.

I'm so ready for a change of scenery (3 of the past 10 days have been spent in the ER with my elderly mother—she's going to live ... if my sister and I let her!), but it seems like such a Geezer Excursion—a casino and a quilt museum. Ah well, I guess if the Rockport—err, Naot—fits ….


Anonymous said...

Oh, have a wonderful time in Paducah. Good that you can drop Snoringman in Metropolis with Superman.

I am reading Ruth Reichl's Garlic and Sapphires. I used to read her in the LA Times and I miss her. You would laugh at the restaurant reviewers we have here in Podunkville. (I hesitate to call them critics.) My friend Judith and I read the articles to each other with side-splitting laughter. I think they are secretly Cal Poly students. Actually we have only two catgories: Not Good and Not Bad.

Kay said...

Hey, what's wrong with a geezer trip! Have a wonderful time. I'm envious because I've always thought that Paducah warranted more time than I spent there during the AQS show. Check out some of the wonderful shops and galleries in the historic area.

Jane Ann said...

I mentioned to an office mate that it seemed like an old peoples' outing. She said, "At least you aren't goin' on a BUS." (There are regular buses to Metropolis from here for the senior set. Who am I kidding? I'M part of the senior set.)

And Rian, I may be delusional to think Snoringman will actually entertain himself all that time. I have a nagging suspicion he'll be tugging on my skirt at Hancock's. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what fun! What would you rather do? Things that sounded like fun a FEW years back, sound like stress and exhaustion now. Paducah sounds wonderful!

Comfort Me with Apples is on my list, so I hope you enjoy it. Have a great time, get inspired, buy stuff!

debraspincic said...

If that's the kind of trip old geezers take, then I want to be an old geezer. It sounds right up my alley! Bring on the museums and quilts--what a treat!

On the Cleveland trip I planned for us to hike the Cleveland cemetary. I was enthralled with all the monumental tombstones. About 10 minutes into the gate I was told, "This is F***ing Stupid!" OK, I guess we have a different idea of fun. I wished I'd dropped him off at the casino too.

joyce said...

Paducah is on my list of Things to Do Before I Die, but it's a looooong way from here so who knows. I want to go on an old geezers outing too if that's what you are doing!