Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm Revoltin' (Verb or Adjective)

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The Life of Riley

Riley's catch phrase--"What a revoltin' development this is!"--expressed his frustration and became part of the national idiom.

I'm fed up lately. With Blogger (well, with a lot of things, but Blogger will do for starts). Thanks to Deb Geyer's sensational new look I don't need a further push to revolt and leave Blogger behind, saying hello to WordPress or TypePad. But that will have to wait a bit because of a related revolt.

I've left GatesWorld behind (as much as he'll allow us to) and jumped the Internet Explorer ship. I stupidly downloaded the new Internet Explorer 7 (it won't be voluntary come November) and it wrought havoc with my desktop. Some of you might consider me the wee-ist bit perfectionistic, but damn it I want to design my own desktop, thank you very much, Mr. G. With endorsements from Deb and Rian, and encouragement from our itinerant office computer guy ("Great! Everybody should be using it!"), I'm now browsing cyberworld with Mozilla Firefox. It's only been a couple of days (both at home and at the office) so I'm still getting acquainted with the interface. I've had a couple of "Oops! I was making that little feature way too hard!" moments before realizing Firefox is indeed quite simple to use. Once I feel totally at home with it, the look of the blog will be changing too.

Now that the season has changed, I'm thoroughly fed up with my revolting wardrobe. When I gained weight and wrinkles, I lost interest in being a clotheshorse. Besides, it's way more fun to spend $ on fabric to cover my bed than fabric to cover my bod'. So I've let updating my duds fall by the wayside for the past couple of years. When you don't freshen a wardrobe regularly, you feel like a drudge eventually. So I hied myself off to Chico's this week for one of my formerly semi-annual feeding frenzies. (I go in, try on everything in the store, then buy several hundred dollars' worth of stuff—then never darken the door for another 6 months.) Trying to operate on the inventory principal of 1 out for every 1 in, I've been weeding perfectly good items that are unflattering or I simply can no longer look at. (If only the rest of life were so simple.)

I'm a visual chick (as are you), so I'm craving a new look in many ways. That's why I'm revoltin'.


Angie said...

You go, girlfriend! :) But I don't believe it about the wrinkles!! Now, I on the otherhand, am looking like a little dried apple doll face. :( And I'm only 50!!! :( LOL I've been using Firefox since it first came out and love it. I did download IE7 just because the thing popped up saying there was an upgrade. Haven't noticed any "redesigning" on it's part so maybe I just lucked out. :D Now blogger....well, that's a different story. I've tried all day today to load pictures but I guess I'll keep trying on and off. :( Let me know how you like the other bloggy place. :)

Anonymous said...

Sigh, sitting here in stale clothes... I do like you, go balls out about once every other year and then wear the stuff to death. I did a minor shopping spree this fall but I want to lose some weight before I go buying clothes again. One good thing about being overweight is the wrinkles get smoothed out.

I think I'll join you over on typepad. I'm sick of blogger. But I'm worried about losing my existing posts.

Anonymous said...

I'm in a bit of a quandary myself. If I enjoyed fooling around with this stuff, maybe I'd learn a little quicker, but everything takes me forever. I don't know where my archives are, no ring codes, damned if I do, damned if I don't.

I hate shopping for clothes. And don't always make the best choices. Blah!

Jules said...

I switched to Firefox. I love it. I think it is faster.

Clothes shopping...well, let's ust say I have to take a sister or sister-in-law with me. I am horrible at it.

sophie said...

I'm sorry you're struggling against the technology machine. I hope firefox and typepad or wordpress are kinder to you.

Kay said...

This is my fourth time to try to post, so you better believe I second everything you say about Blogger! Except that it's free,, and Google gets nothing from it, so maybe we're expecting too much. Entitlement, right?

debraspincic said...

Deb's new look is nice but I have looked at tons of blogger sites that have personlaized too. I think beta is fine if you use all the tools provided.

BTW, where did your current template with the travel theme come from? I've never seen it in the blogger offerings and thought maybe it was something you designed.

Good luck with typepad or wordpress!

Deb Geyer said...

You Go Girl!!